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“The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires. - William Arthur Ward

Tribute to Steven Lambert

Gelila Negesse, Editor-in-Chief June 8, 2021

Towards the end of the 2010 school year, physics teacher Steven Lambert began experiencing sharp pains, becoming severely ill. As his family pleaded to him to go to the doctors, he stifled the pain for...

Hollister Co. Recognizes English Teacher for Mental Health Advocacy

Hollister Co. Recognizes English Teacher for Mental Health Advocacy

Gelila Negesse, Editor-in-Chief March 12, 2021

He sat there in his car, whispering a silent prayer in his head. “Lord just please give me some encouragement,” he said. “I’m hungry to know that I'm not alone, that I'm doing something right....

Teaching in the Age of Coronavirus

Teaching in the Age of Coronavirus

Kaison Thepbouri October 2, 2020

  Broadcast senior Kaison Thepbouri interviewed Graphic Design teacher Cryss Godoy-Diguette about her experience with the new hybrid education model implemented as a result of the COVID-19...

Tim Williams

Lillian Tram and Edith Perez April 4, 2017

“ I might like someone when they show qualities that I find attractive. I once met someone who seemed well-educated and had a sense of humor. Another one of the key things was that they liked sports,”...

Carlos Vasquez

Carlos Vasquez

Clarissa Moreno , Photographer March 27, 2017

"I'm looking forward to going to the beaches [over the summer]," said Mr. Vasquez, teacher.

Allison Stephens

Allison Stephens

Miranda Molina, Reporter February 1, 2017

“I would like to go to more of my students events, like concerts or sports events that they are in. I get to go to a handful, but I want to go to more,” English Language Arts, Allison Stephens

Matt Clarke

Matt Clarke

Jeanie Torvi, Reporter November 3, 2016

“I believe brutality of any kind is wrong, and especially when it comes from people in authority who might be abusing their power and the interest of their own personal ambitions. I think police brutality...

Struck by lightening

Miranda Molina, Reporter May 13, 2016

As it begins to rain, a bright streak of lightning flashes across the sky and a boom of thunder shakes the ground. Seeing the lightning makes Robotics and Project Lead The Way teacher Sean Denny start...

“Just did my first set of twists. Not bad for a white dad, right? Had some guidance. Building my skill diversity.”
Photo courtesy of Clarkes Twitter: @nghsclarke

Foster father’s insight

Beth Mauthe, Copy Editor May 13, 2016

The cries of a hungry newborn baby broke the silence of the sleepy house. Bleary-eyed and still groggy from sleep, English teacher Matt Clarke stumbled through the early morning darkness and made a...

At UTD’s doctoral graduation in December, Dr. Marilyn Bland poses with her daughter, Juliet Bond, and her guide dog, Honey. photo courtesy of Ruth Martin

Sweet as Honey

Marilyn Bland, Special Contributor March 4, 2016

Writing about Honey is certainly one of the most difficult things I have done, yet doing so is a way in which I can honor her. The very first moment I touched Honey, I knew something special had...

A visit from Christmas past

A visit from Christmas past

Beth Mauthe, Copy Editor December 21, 2015

The lights on the Christmas tree shone brightly and added a warm and joyful hue to the living room, as his two little boys sat excitedly around the presents surrounding the tree and waited for the okay...

Drug expert analyzes chemicals, life

Drug expert analyzes chemicals, life

Hannah Majerczyk, Reporter December 21, 2015

Chemistry teacher Juan Campos faces a classroom with rows and rows of desks. In the back are tables full of chemicals for his next class. Campos once used chemicals in a different way. He was a drug analyst,...

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