Principal Change at North Garland Leaves Many questions

Godspower Nwawuihe, Reporter

Michael Arreola served as the North Garland High School principal for three school years. Then he moved to the head of  MST over the entire district. As a Latino he brought a sense of relatability to the minority population. He was involved in everything in the school from going to every football game to pushing every student to do their best academically.


     . “He was very cool, understanding, and relatable. “sophomore Jaden Davis said. “It helped us be more comfortable with the school.” 


 Arreola brought many empowering groups, messages, and activities to the school. He hosted the “Athletic Leadership Council,” a group which helped inform the school about athletic events and boost  school spirit. He also hosted an event with the council to get the elementary kids Christmas gifts.


“Mr. Arreola helped me in a lot of ways,” sophomore James Nguyen said. “He pushed me to be a better student, basketball player, and just a better person.”


Now that the new principal will come, John Fishpaw, students have different thoughts and impressions on him. Fishpaw made a first impression by speaking to the football and baseball programs.


“I like the energy he brings,”sophomore Andrew Looney said. “ He seems like a nice guy and the type of person we need to run our school.”