Who Are Our New Class Officers?

Jaqui Benitez, reporter

As of Friday, April 29, each graduating class has new officers. The week prior, all candidates gave speeches as to why students should vote for them during morning announcements. Students were given a four-day voting period beginning Monday, April 25.

“I decided to run for president specifically because I wanted to continue to be involved in the behind-the-scenes work with planning a variety of events for our class to raise money for prom,” 2023 Class President Nalanie Kheang said. “Being a part of something so collaborative and involving, as a class officer, you really get to fully understand your class and experiment with what’s most effective with creating school spirit to get them involved. Especially for our last year, I [want] to make sure that we have the best, most memorable year with one another.”

The class of 2023 voted for the following: President Nalanie Kheang, Vice President Alexia Reyes, Secretary Joel John and Representative Chinedu Okpara.

“I promoted myself through social media, posters throughout the school, and even passed out cookies,” 2024 Class President Chloe Abraham said.

The class of 2024 is a little different, they only voted for President Chloe Abraham, Vice President Samuel Adeyemi and Secretary Thomas Phung.

“Aside from coordinating appealing and fun events, I would like to increase our school spirit,” 2025 Class President Hillary Tran said. “A lot of the students still aren’t fully immersed in the idea that events are expensive. I think a lot of them just don’t care and that’s where the lack of school spirit comes from. I want them to realize, if anything, by the end of all of this is that ‘Hey, school events CAN be fun and maybe I DO want to participate.’ Having fun is a choice, you can make anything fun as long as you have the willingness to. When they can willingly come and our class starts to participate, I think I’ll know that I’ve done my job.”

The class of 2025 voted for President Hillary Tran, Vice President Connor Gandy, Secretary Tomi Trihn and Representative Michelle Lang.

“It sort of feels completely different than what it once was the past [three] years of me being an officer,” Kheang said. “Maybe because [it’s] senior year and I know how much work and dedication we put throughout those years, and all the things we’ve worked up for were specifically for this year. It feels kind of nerve-racking but honestly very exciting at the same time. I look forward to seeing our classmates get excited and see everything come to life for prom.”