What is HYO?

Jaqui Benitez and Natalie Aderman, reporter

North Garland is no stranger to diversity. Our students are predominantly Hispanic and proud. That pride has led to a specific club to be created by a teacher and students who love their culture. 


HYO, or Hispanic Youth Organization, was created for Hispanic students to come together and help the community they live in. 


“The Hispanic youth organization is a school organization focused on engaging the Hispanic students body of north garland high school to participate in the school community. From serving our time with local foundations to participating in school events such as homecoming decorations and spring fest,” Mrs.Ortega, the HYO teacher, said “We are a dedicated club and family that works towards creating a positive environment in our community with strong pride for our roots and culture. We welcome everybody regardless of their endorsement, GPA, race, ethnicity, preference, gender, etc.”


HYO allows for Hispanic students to learn and love their culture. It becomes a family as everyone sees just how much they have

 in common. Being the largest ethnicity group at North Garland, the HYO club, represents ‘La Raza’ and the love it has to share. 


“It’s great representing the Hispanic portion of the school. Including the way we can express

ourselves as well as expand our culture that also brings new experiences” Elena Molina, a HYO member, said. 

With this month being Hispanic Heritage Month, HYO plans on selling goodie bags filled with Hispanic candies to help celebrate and acknowledge its importance.

“During Hispanic Heritage Month we will be giving students the opportunity to try some of our Hispanic/Latino candies. [It] is a way to share a bit of our culture of how candies are made differently from american candies,” Wendi Martinez, the HYO president, said “It’s something that we truly care about because we ate these candies as little kids and brought us so much joy that we want to share our happiness with all of you ”


All in all, HYO is an incredible club made to help represent the Hispanic community to everyone.