Carter BloodCare Comes to North Garland

Hannah Freerksen and Adesuwa Uduebor, Reporter

Student organizations promoted the Carter BloodCare blood drive for students over the age of 16 to participate. 

 “We encourage people who come up to us, and tell them the benefits,” said student council member junior Alexia Reyes. “They get a chord for donating twice and it helps their clubs.”

The weeks leading up to the donation, student council members were in charge of getting students to sign up. They sat outside the cafeteria during all lunches trying to get people to sign up, and helping them fill out the required forms.

“I decided to donate blood because it’s a small thing I can do to help those who need it,” junior Maeryn Mosher.

The Carter BloodCare came on Friday, April 8 in a bloodmobile (a bus they travel with to take blood). Students that signed up were pulled out of their elective classes to go down to the parking lot. An assigned phlebotomist took one pint of their blood. The whole process took around five to 10 minutes. 

“I was nervous when I first walked in, but the workers were really nice and calmed me down,” sophomore Sydney Lewis said. “It was an easy experience, and I felt really great afterwards.”

Many highschoolers are eager to donate blood to help the people in need of blood to save their life. Highschoolers account for as much as 10% of all blood donors.

“It’s important to donate blood to help others and benefit yourself by giving back to your community,” said student council member junior Naomi Gomez.

Carter BloodCare is a non-profit organization that collects blood donations across North Texas. They have a constant need for blood for emergent operations such as pregnancy deliveries gone wrong, heart surgeries and car crashes.

“I hope I helped save a life,” senior Destini Avilla said. “I hope to donate even more in the future.”