School Shootings still happening

Matthew Gonzalez, Reporter

School, in people’s opinion, is supposed to be one of the safest environments you can go to. Students should not have to worry about putting their life in danger. Well it seems to not be the case since there has been constant shooting at school since 1999. Since the year 1999 over 311,000 students have been affected or experienced gun violence at their school.

“This situation is horrible,” freshman teacher Timothy Ennis said, “Our students should not have to worry about something like this when they come to school.” 

There hasn’t been any legislation toward stopping? Or creating more protection for students at school. The outdated drills for students and teachers  protection may not keep them safe

“Hopefully there will be new procedures we have to learn so we can make sure our students stay safe,” Chemistry teacher Rebecca Juereca said, “Students should also be able to learn more safety precautions for these types of events.” 

Nowadays, in schools like North Garland high school  there will always be a school lock-down drill during the school year that simulates events that students and teachers must do in case of the event of a school shooting. Students in today’s age have learned many different precautions to keep them safe.

There are many different ways to stay protected and make it out alive. People may not have any idea what to do during this type of event. There are many different websites for information. Websites like Campus Operations LLS give tips on what to do during a school shooting. Another website that can help you out is the good house keeping, and here are twelve different ways to make sure you stay safe during a school shooting.

“I thought I could just come to school with no worries in the world,” sophomore Anthoney Livsey said, “ Hopefully one day this is something that we never see again on the news.”