Picturing New Achievements

Litzy Casas, Reporter

Vogue is a fashion and lifestyle magazine that began as a weekly newspaper in 1892, and became a monthly publication in 1973.  Photographers and models are selected for every monthly issue, but it was not until September 2018 that Vogue had a black photographer shoot the cover featuring the star, Beyonce Knowles-Carter.

Not only was this the first time Vogue chose a black photographer to the cover star, but the 23-year old, Tyler Mitchell, was also the youngest. Mitchell says he’s using his work to empower the black community. In an interview with Vogue, he said “For so long, black people have been considered things. We’ve been dignified physically and emotionally. With my work, I’m looking to revitalize and elevate the black body.”

“It’s good that [Mitchell] is putting an example for younger kids that they can achieve anything,” junior Goodness Nwawuihe said. “He is achieving something in life while also conquering racial barriers. He is making the black community more aware of how anyone can reach any goal they have.”

Throughout the years Beyonce has donated and given to charity. Carter started a donation program called Beygood, which gives supplies to those affected by natural disasters. She encourages young women of color to help the community by talking to them and persuading them to donate.

“Beyonce is a good role model for people of color,” sophomore Paige Muniz said, “Some may think she is overhyped, but I think she needs more attention. She is trying to get more diversity in society by helping out people to achieve their goals. She is showing anything can be achieved if you help someone else out to achieve something.”

After the issue was released, many fans gave their opinion on social media. Many fans showed their support by taking it to social media. Popular News Media, such as CNN News, Forbes and, Los Angeles Times, also congratulated her on Twitter by linking her interview and thanking her for hiring Mitchell.