Football Banquet

Matthew Gonzalez, Reporter

The Football booster club held the annual football banquet after an improved season for the raiders. In attendance were the football team coaches and cheerleaders. Coaches picked a variety of awards to hand out.

After what many considered an impressive season the Raider football team ended a 13 year playoff drought. Being able to show appreciation towards these players for what people think the team had a good season.


“Getting an award was nice and being shown off in front of all the parents was cool,”senior Ivan Garcia said. “ The banquet was cool, glad we got something nice for the football team.”


Though the football booster club is small, the group was able to put together a nice organized banquet for the players,cheerleaders and parents. Because only seniors were able to go last year (due to covid), they wanted this year to be very nice for the players. They were able to serve the football players free food and hand out cups to the seniors and coaches with their names on it.


“We tried to make it the best we could with the amount of resources we had for the banquet,” booster club president Maxine Gonzalez said. “ I hope we made their experience very enjoyable to show how much we appreciate the boys and for their great season.”