Bridgerton Review


Diana Leyva, reporter

The Netflix series Bridgerton is rated MA for Mature Audiences due to scenes that are not for children, so when watching this show viewer discretion is advised. 

Season one of the show  follows the story of  Daphne Bridgerton, who is looking for a potential husband to marry. After being named the “diamond of the season” by the queen, thousands of suitors rush to court her. Her brother, however, dismisses every eligible bachelor claiming that they are all unfit to marry Daphne. Now, in order to secure her place in society  and prevent both Lady Whistledown(the town gossip column writer) and the queen from naming her unsuitable, Daphne must find someone to marry.


Scandals, drama and revenge — Bridgerton has it all. Based on the book series by Chris Van Dusen, the Netflix series tells the story of what it’s like to be a noble in the regency period.


Despite the fact that Bridgerton takes place during the regency period and focuses on upper class citizens, there are characters played by Black actors. Usually, with shows like this, most of the characters are played by white actors, so the addition of people of color is very refreshing. The characters played by the Black actors are also not the typical background characters. Instead they are given roles crucial to the plot of Bridgerton.


Another thing that is really great about this show is the presence of diversity in the characters’ personalities. All the Bridgertons are interesting because each and every one of them has secrets and their own personal stories that make up who they are.


There’s Daphne who, although is very naive and obedient, still has a very stubborn side. Then there’s Eloise who is almost the complete contrast of Daphne and despises the idea of getting married, a stark contrast to the entire plot of Daphne’s storyline in season one. Instead of getting married, Eloise wishes to be a writer and have the freedoms of a man. Eloise’s best friend, Penelope, longs to marry, but still shares the same passion for books as Eloise. Which at the time is not looked upon fondly. Despite her interest in marrying, Penelope has secrets of her own. Simon, the duke and primary love interest, wishes to never marry, due to personal secrets which he doesn’t want to expose.

Due to the hype, fans even made an online Tik Tok musical. The Bridgerton musical, which is  written by Abigail Barlow and Emily Bear, follows the same plot as the series. According to  the musical received so much attention that even the cast of Bridgerton saw it and gave positive reviews. Because of this, Netflix even reached out to Abigail Barlow about the  Bridgerton tik tok musical.