Raider Echo

Something’s Brewing: Episode 4

Was it a crime of love? Jealousy? Fear? Come along with Michelle and Maeyrn as they work to solve Crystal and Bella's fictional story about poison, passion, and pain.

Something’s Brewing: Episode 3

In this episode, Michelle and Maeryn put Bella and Crystal to the test to solve the fictional bank robbery with key suspects Kay and Jacob.  Will they figure out who the criminal is? Or will someone...

Something’s Brewing: Episode 2

In this fictional story written by Michelle and Bella, Brittney Goodall seems to have vanished overnight. Her husband, Jason Goodall, was the last person to see her and is the prime...

Something’s Brewing: Episode 1

Join us as Maeryn and Crystal put Michelle and Bella to the test to figure out the story written by the storytellers of the fictional murder of Johnny Burnham. Was the murder poorly covered...

Hispanic Heritage Month Podcast

Asher Efrem November 3, 2021

Impact of HHM/What it means to people Podcast  

Student Council: Preparing for North Garland’s Homecoming

November 3, 2021

Preparing For North Garland's Homecoming  

Kamala Harris and Her Impact on Society

Michelle Montoya, Reporter December 14, 2020

Listen to broadcast sophomore Michelle Montoya interview two of her peers on how they feel about Vice President-Elect, Kamala Harris.

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Parental Respect for Teen Privacy

Michelle Montoya, Reporter November 13, 2020

Listen to broadcast sophomore Michelle Montoya interview two sophomores about their opinions and experiences with privacy.