Tennis Synopsis

Crystal Cruz and Maeryn Mosher

Tennis Synopsis

Crystal Cruz, Maeryn Mosher – 

November 15, 2021


The North Garland High School Tennis team has had a great run this season. Due to the pandemic, this is the first season since 2019 that the tennis team is whole as some players decided not to play last year. 


Tennis is a well known sport here at North Garland, with players from all grades, they have a total of 16 members on varsity. But why do people join tennis in the first place? 


“Well, I initially chose tennis coming into high school because all my friends were doing it. But, as soon as I got into high school and I actually started playing, I really, really, enjoyed the sport as a whole and it was a sport that I’d never done before. I’d usually played team sports, rather than individual games so it was a really big change for me and it helped a lot with my own self confidence and my own health and staying active.” Micah Racho said. 


Tennis keeps its players busy with games weekly, the season started in August and their last game is scheduled at the end of November. 


“Overall, we’ve played basically every week for the past two months?” Racho said. 


As with any team, there are always things that could be improved because the goal is to improve skills. 


“I feel like the team could probably improve on, just like, talking to each other, more team communication. We’re already really close, as we are, but there is a big distinction between JV and Varsity. And I’d love to see as upperclassmen, that everyone comes together and helps each other practice.”


Every game the team has their own pre-game tradition to get them hyped up for their matches. 


“Before every game we do our raiders chant with our team captain and we wear our school’s colors.” Freshman tennis player Sarah Nguyen said. 


Tennis teaches values that can be used in the real world, to better prepare its players for the future. 

“Tennis has taught me how to be self confident, firstly, because I normally play individual, single games. You have no one else, it’s all you, so that’s really something that’s changed my mindset, that my actions and my practices determine how I play in an actual game. So that’s something that I can use in life, whatever I put effort into, I will get back later.” Micah Racho said.