‘Kindred’ Passion Pit Album Review

Amy Pham, Print Managing Editor

The third studio album of the electro pop group Passion Pit is encompassed in their characteristic high-pitched vocals and habitual bouncy sound effects, to the point that songs seamlessly mold into a metaphorical fabric of music, while becoming borderline indistinguishable from each other. Several tracks have white noise as a background– that’s not white, but a hosh-posh of various electronic effects lacking a distinct melody or purpose. “Kindred” lacks mystery in its fondness of familiar beats seemingly sampled from previous albums. They don’t stray, but stay within what they know, not crossing boundaries or even touching them, remaining crouched in the very center of safety. The album is palatable to loyal fanboys and fangirls of Passion Pit and those who deathly enjoy and consume synth beats in mass. However, it has come to a point where tracks are unmemorable; the album is simply another album of theirs and creative development is shrieking at the door, begging to be let in.