“I Will Always Be a Raider at Heart”: After 26 years, Office Staff Member Embarks On A New Path


Ruth Assefa, Editor-In-Chief

Schlisa Crow has served as assistant secretary for North Garland High School since 1995 but is ending her tenure with a new position lined up for her at Naaman Forest as the head secretary for Principal Jeremiah Oliphant.

“After 26 years at NGHS, it was time for a change,” said Crow. “[But] I will not forget what school put me in the spotlight.”

While working at North, Crow dedicated her time to working with substitute teachers and getting them covered for classes with absent teachers. Due to a shortage of substitute instructors, the office staff found it difficult to ensure students had a teacher in the classroom.

“Getting classes covered when there was no sub available was a challenge, ” said Crow. “I would like to say a thank you to the staff at NGHS who stepped up to help get [our] classes covered.”

The job of a school administrator is a demanding one, with making sure the school is in good condition, organizing classes, and communicating effectively with students, parents, and teachers. Crow’s interest in becoming a school admin was piqued by her passion and love of assisting and advising others, which was what made her excel as part of North’s staff. 

“Helping is what I love to do,” said Crow. “Talking to parents, students, and staff just makes my day.”

As Crow looks back on her time at North, she has learned many things and despite leaving, she wants to leave some advice to students.

“Always follow God 1st,” said Crow. “Continue to reach your goals and never give up no matter how hard things get.

It’s saddening to see Crow depart as part of North’s staff, but as the saying goes: “Once a Raider, always a Raider!”

“I miss you guys at NGHS,” said Crow. “Go Raiders!”