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“I stand with Kyrie”: The Debate Around Vaccination Requirements

“I stand with Kyrie”: The Debate Around Vaccination Requirements

Ruth Assefa, Editor-In-Chief March 4, 2022

With almost 95% of NBA players vaccinated against COVID-19, seven-time NBA All-Star Kyrie Irving stands out amongst his teammates and opponents due to his vaccination status. Players were given a choice...

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Infecting the World of Sports

Michael Chambers, Sports Reporter May 17, 2020

The Coronavirus has affected the entire world, closing down restaurants, malls and even stopping travel. Sports have even been impacted greatly, with every major league around the globe suspending operations...

Why We Play

Why We Play

Michael Chambers, Sports Reporter April 1, 2019

Money, fame, championships. There are many reasons why people choose to play sports, but not everyone is reaching for the same goals. According to the NCAA, of the nearly eight million high school athletes...

2018 NFL Draft Grades

Michael Chambers, Reporter May 23, 2018

Every year during the NFL offseason, there is a draft held for college football's most elite talent from around the country to be drafted and play for an NFL team. This year, there were a lot of good...

Warriors Big-Three after acquiring elite forward Kevin Durant.

Chasing The Championship

Michael Chambers, Reporter March 27, 2018

The 2016-2017 NBA Finals ended with the Golden State Warriors winning their second title in three years, trumping LeBron James and the Cavaliers 4-1, leaving many to wonder how could they could ever be...

A New Era for Raider Football

A New Era for Raider Football

Michael Chambers, Reporter October 31, 2017

Each year, there’s something special about the beginning of football season. This year at North is particularly special. With a new offensive coordinator and 14 sophomores on the varsity football team,...

During a taping of Ultimate Soccer Star competition reality show, freshman Randi Thortis gets important information.

Soccer Superstar

Eden Amberber, Reporter May 13, 2016

As she shows off her skills in front of the judges, she doesn’t break a sweat. She is confident. She knows she has skill. She is sure she will make the cut. Freshman Randi Thortis is set to star...

Football is no longer a fantasy for linebacker

Football is no longer a fantasy for linebacker

Amy Pham, Co-Editor-In-Chief October 30, 2015

She knows what she signed up for. She knows she’s gonna get hurt. And, she’s not scared. Freshman Sarai Aradillas has been ready since day one. Aradillas had wanted to play football since middle...

Two scores are better than one

Two scores are better than one

Connie Ho, Online Managing Editor March 20, 2015

He tries to catch his breath as he runs across the field, hoping to block his opponent. His movements are swift, and he manages to prevent the touchdown by the other team. Soon after, practice is over,...

Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson

Karla Romero, Reporter March 20, 2015

Carrying two backpacks and three textbooks, she greets everyone as she walks in the gym. Her younger sister gets ready to cheer for the girl’s basketball team in a few minutes. As she waits to cheer...

The Greatest Skate; Student carries out passion on ice

Connie Ho December 16, 2013

Perfectly executing a new ice skating routine, sophomore Sarah Jenkins glides across the smooth ice and lands herself a standing ovation. Jenkins has been skating since she was three, and her passion for...

Talking about tennis

Maleny Martinez February 19, 2013

Junior Judy Nguyen became interested in the sport after seeing her older brothers play tennis. She started playing in eighth grade and has continued with her passion ever since. “I just picked up...

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