The Greatest Skate; Student carries out passion on ice

Connie Ho

Perfectly executing a new ice skating routine, sophomore Sarah Jenkins glides across the smooth ice and lands herself a standing ovation. Jenkins has been skating since she was three, and her passion for ice skating has led her to some amazing experiences. Jenkins is a part of the Dallas Figure Skating Club and has participated in multiple competitions.

Jenkins was inspired to begin skating when her mom took her to a nearby ice rink to watch other ice skaters. Jenkins says that she thought it looked like a fun thing to try.

“I just fell in love and that’s what I wanted to do,” Jenkins said.

Jenkins enjoys ice skating because it is an athletic sport, and it involves things that Jenkins is good at.

“I can’t play music, but I can find a rhythm really well, and [skating is] a challenge,” Jenkins said.

During Jenkins’s ice skating career, she has competed in numerous competitions such as the Southwest Regionals and Skate Dallas and has placed in around three quarters of those competitions. Jenkins says that although skaters perform solo most of the time, there are clubs where skaters can compete in groups.

“I was the captain in my synchronized skating team for three years and we won second place at ISA World,” Jenkins said.

Jenkins aspires to become a choreographer for ice skaters when she grows up and says that her role models are Meryl Davis and Charlie White, an ice dancing team who became the first American ice dancing team to win the World title.

“They have been together for so long, and they’re so beautiful when they skate,” Jenkins said.

Jenkins has learned how not to get hurt physically and emotionally, through ice skating. Jenkins has also gained self confidence and perseverance through ice skating as well.

“I learned how to be a good sport,” Jenkins said. “I learned how to truly support myself and how to support others and go through something and not quit.”

Jenkins says the ice skating career field is very competitive and that there can be a lot of pressure to do well. She wants to continue ice skating and try her best.

“It’s becoming virtually impossible to be a good skater because the people are always pushing the limit,” Jenkins said.

Despite having to go through tough situations and competitions, Jenkins has continued to ice skate, because she is motivated by her love for ice skating and her desire to make her family happy.

“The joy that I felt when I was on the ice, like jumping and spinning, you can’t get that [feeling] anywhere else,” Jenkins said. “It’s a one of a kind feeling.”