Talking about tennis

Maleny Martinez

Junior Judy Nguyen became interested in the sport after seeing her older brothers play tennis. She started playing in eighth grade and has continued with her passion ever since.

“I just picked up a racket and started playing,’’ Nguyen said. “I learned on my own.”

During Nguyen’s first year in tennis she became used to the minor injuries, such as getting hit with the ball. She wasn’t nervous at her first game against Naaman Forest during her sophomore year. She recognized her opponent and realized her opponent was not the best player.

“After winning two rounds I knew I was gonna win,” Nguyen said.  

Practicing three times a week, Nguyen plays against newcomers. She finds this to be difficult because she prefers to play against someone who poses as a good challenge.

“It’s better to play with good people so they can make you better,” Nguyen said.

Tennis tryouts were in early January and mostly everyone who tried out made the teams, Nguyen said. Nguyen supports her teammates and encourages them to play hard by giving them tips on playing tennis.

“Move your legs, run to the ball and fully swing,” Nguyen said.