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Students Take on Standardized Tests

Students Take on Standardized Tests

Litzy Casas, Reporter

April 1, 2019

Throughout the school year, teachers prepare students for standardized tests by giving exams and quizzes. According to the Texas Business Leadership Council, a student takes around 38 standardized tests in a period of 10 school years. Many think these exams are helpful and study for long periods of...

The Drawbacks of Standardized Testing

The Drawbacks of Standardized Testing

Riley Sims, Co-Editor-in-Chief

September 7, 2018

One of the first steps of a college application is a student’s submission of their SAT or ACT tests. Both the SAT and ACT are designed to test students’ knowledge over skills that colleges deem useful. Though colleges claim the tests even out the playing field for applicants, there have been deb...

Roshni Rana

Elena Gary, Designer

December 17, 2016

"I did not exempt any of my exams for this semester, but I plan on exempting all of my exams second semester because most of [my exams] are for AP classes. No, I don't [think exams have a purpose] because [teachers] all know their kids are going to exempt their exams, and [teachers] all know that the...

STAAR Testing Problematic

STAAR Testing Problematic

Riley Sims, Reporter

November 3, 2016

If you have attended a school in Texas, you know what the STAAR test is. The STAAR test has been given to students since spring of 2012, when it replaced the TAKS test. The test is supposed to be a way to show a student’s progress, but many argue that it is actually a tool to determine if  studen...

Life preparedness after high school

Juliana Gary, Reporter

June 1, 2015

The high school experience is ending for seniors and that means that the world will be accepting adults into society - hopefully prepared adults. But not many seniors feel that their time spent in classrooms has prepared them well for the life they will be living in just four months. Many seniors are...