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Poll: Do You Prefer to Watch Boxing or MMA?

Poll: Do You Prefer to Watch Boxing or MMA?

Michael Chambers, Sports Reporter September 19, 2019

I asked 30 people whether they prefer to watch Boxing or MMA like the UFC, and more people prefer MMA. Maybe it's by marketing, or maybe it's the style of fighting, but one thing boxing has on it's rivaling...

Junior Robert Jackson received the gold belt for winning the light, heavy-weight championship a year and two months ago. Shortly thereafter, he received a silver belt for being a runner-up in the same tournament.
(photo courtesy of Robert Jackson)

Risking it all in the cage

Lisa Tran, Editor-in-Chief December 14, 2012

Walking home from school one afternoon just like any other, junior Robert Jackson was approached by a tall male with a lean physique, who then punched him in the face. Trying not to show his tough, competitive...

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