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Never Have I Ever, Netflix

Show Review: The Rollercoaster of Never Have I Ever

Ingrid Vanegas, Reporter May 18, 2020

Released on April 27, 2020, the Netflix original “Never Have I Ever” is a mix of teenage drama, awkward experiences and laughs with close friends. This 10-episode series provides insight on living...

A Feeling of Glee During Quarantine

A Feeling of Glee During Quarantine

Gaby Sanchez, Photo Editor May 5, 2020

With nothing to do at home during the pandemic, people have been trying to keep themselves entertained with activities such as taking up a new instrument, learning to sew, going on walks or my personal...

Conspiracy Theories You Didn’t Know

Gaby Sanchez, Photo Editor November 22, 2019

By the Numbers

Tameciah Griffin, Reporter January 24, 2018

With recent headlines about politics and entertainment, we wanted to get students’ opinion on music, Donald Trump and Pixar movie "Coco", which recently earned a Golden Globe. This, is BY THE NUMBERS. Do...

Gingerbread Pancakes

Clarissa Moreno, Photographer December 6, 2017

Time: Prep: 10 minutes Cook: 15 minutes   Ingredients: 1 ½ cup all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon baking powder ¼ teaspoon baking soda ¼ teaspoon salt ½ teaspoon ground ginger 1...

Trumputin: Forbidden Love

Trumputin: Forbidden Love

Gabriella Rodriguez-Sanchez, Reporter December 1, 2017

He stared deeply into his smoke-colored eyes, excited by the depths that he got lost in. The world around him disappeared as he went deeper into the abyss. As his hair piece swayed in the wind, he knew...

Korea's next big thing

Korea’s next big thing

Amy Pham, Co-Editor-In-Chief May 13, 2016

His stormy, white hair blended into the color of the sky as he flew for 14 straight hours across the ocean. Once he landed, he was on a race against time. He wasn’t a star yet, but that’s all he wanted...

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