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The History of AVID at North

Paola Hernandez Olvera, Reporter

May 21, 2018

San Diego, California, 1980. English teacher Mary Catherine Swanson is in her classroom teaching the room full of highly advanced students at Clairemont High School when she hears the news. Because of desegregation busing, the assigning and transfer of students of several different minorities to ...

Mustafa Najem

Mustafa Najem

Gabriella Rodriguez-Sanchez and Braedon Harris

September 9, 2017

“Avid showed us what would happen if you weren’t organized and how you would fail,” Mustafa Najem, 11. “That’s why I’m passing now.”

School named AVID National Demonstration school

School named AVID National Demonstration school

Karla Romero, Reporter

April 8, 2015

As the school waits to be certified as an AVID National Demonstration school Thursday, many wonder why the certification matters. Co-coordinator of the program, librarian Mary Archer seems confident the school will receive the recognition as well as benefit students in the long run.

The Dreams of the Dell Scholars

The Dreams of the Dell Scholars

Alma Lopez

June 2, 2014

After a month of waiting, it was the day senior Darlene Gonzaga would find out if she was a Dell finalist. She and her mother were getting ready for church when Gonzaga received the e-mail that she had won the $20,000 scholarship and a laptop. She wanted to cry, but she could not, because it was almost...

AVID teacher wants to be principal

Alejandra Casanova

May 4, 2013

After five years teaching Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID), Lisa Olsen got her principal certification to one day fulfill her dream of becoming an administrator. Already having a master’s degree in psychology and social work, Olsen found an online program that required her to take...