School Implements New Advisory Period


Diana Leyva, reporter

In light of Coronavirus, this year, GISD implemented an advisory period at North Garland to address the social and emotional needs of students, and target academic gaps, created by the shutdown/lock down after March.

So far in advisory, students have been learning about colleges, academic strategies and learning about resources they can use to help with any problems they may be facing. Counselors can also use this to help students deal with social and emotional problems like trauma.

“Advisory is great at reinforcing some objectives, not just academic, but looking at social and emotional [skills] type things that we can be able to do to help landscape the students with,” counselor Keith Baker said.

For teachers, advisory can be used to address academic achievement gaps, or to connect with students.

“I hope they will be able to use that in order to reinforce what their kids are doing in class,” Baker said.

Even though advisory benefits everyone, Juniors and Seniors have the most to gain.

 “With the information they are given, they can plan ahead of time and pick the colleges they want to attend or know more about, early on,” Senior Marlon Mata said.

Students can also submit topics to be discussed through links provided in the advisory lesson. Some AVID senior students have already had the opportunity to contribute advisory lessons.

“I feel good at coming up with lessons from advisory,” Senior Selena Rodriguez said.

The advisory lessons based on AVID serve as a tool that focuses on organization and college prep.

“Advisory is teaching study tips, both for school and life in general, and tips for the SAT,” AVID teacher April Aston said.

Advisory is held during third period, and the time varies depending on which lunch time each class has. The schedule can be found here.