Schooled by social media

Liz Fraide, Business Manager/Contributor

The school has been increasing the use of social media . Classes, clubs, and even the counselors have social media accounts in hopes of reaching out to students and informing them instantaneously in new ways.

Before counselor Michael Denton came to the school, he was a counselor at a high school in McKinney, where a social media account had been running for a while.

“We used [the account] for everything,” Denton said. “I was surprised that this school didn’t have that.”

As a result, he brought the idea to the school. The @NghsCounselors Twitter account posts about scholarship information, major due dates, college fairs, and other important information.

“We need to utilize the technology that’s around us,” Denton said. “The purpose is for the student to become an informed consumer. I don’t want anyone to say that they didn’t know about what’s going on.”

MST Coordinator Emilie Baxter used Denton’s idea and started the @ngraidermst account on Twitter after she saw what the counselors were doing. The @ngraidermst account posts about volunteer opportunities, when forms are due, and other things to promote the program.

“I figured it was the easiest way to reach my [students],” Baxter said.

Both coordinators say that they have not seen too much success with their accounts yet, but they are very pleased with the results so far.

“The more students we get to inform, the better,” Denton said. “You can never have too much information.”