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Pros and Cons of Social Media

Pros and Cons of Social Media

Michelle Montoya October 2, 2020

Sophomore broadcast student Michelle Montoya interviews sophomore Dylan Fisher, sophomore Class President Nalanie Kheang and Sociology teacher Jess Collier about the advantages and disadvantages of...

iPhone Gone Wrong

SaSchel Moore, Reporter March 31, 2016

The fire alarms sounded through the hallways, causing every student to rush to the nearest exit. This time it was not a prank or a case of burnt cookies. A phone had caught flame. On Wednesday March...

Dating for Dummies

Dating for Dummies

Beth Mauthe, Copy Editor March 4, 2016

How to ask someone on a date • Although it’s beginning to be more normal to ask someone out over text or direct message, it is still a better idea to ask someone on a date either in person, or at...

Schooled by social media

Liz Fraide, Business Manager/Contributor October 8, 2014

The school has been increasing the use of social media . Classes, clubs, and even the counselors have social media accounts in hopes of reaching out to students and informing them instantaneously in...

Fan Fever; Student explains passions for celebrities

Nayely Vallejo December 26, 2013

Scrolling through her twitter feed, Suzan Rodriguez gets excited as she learns new and exciting facts and events about her favorite celebrities. Rodriguez has a passion for musicians Justin Bieber, One...

Going the Distance; Students experience dating across country through internet

Going the Distance; Students experience dating across country through internet

Patty Castillo December 22, 2013

Two teens stand in the hallway, holding hands, the typical high school relationship. Even though many teenagers have relationships in high school, three students have had a type of connection with...

Senior explains unexpected way social media affects self-image

Nayely Vallejo December 2, 2013

Every time I open Facebook, I will always see a picture or meme that enforces the fact that larger woman are more beautiful than thinner woman. I see things such as “Guys don’t like skeletons, they...

Teachers reveal social media lives

Myles Bolden December 14, 2012

Teachers DO have lives outside of school. Most go to stores and concerts, and have some form of social media, just like students. A majority of teachers won’t add students until after graduation, but...

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