Top Haunted Houses in DFW Area

Miranda Molina, Reporter

With Halloween finally upon us, haunted houses are a must for anyone looking for a thrill this time of year. Haunted houses come in different sizes, with various themes and attractions. If you don’t want to travel too far, here are some in the DFW area you might want to check out.

This house’s usual location has been temporarily moved because it has joined another haunted house, J&F House of Terror. This house is usually open on weekends in October as well as the day of Halloween. It is said that a few years ago, the owners of the slaughter house were murdered by a group of killer clowns, and now the guests are the meat. General admission:$25.

Dark Hour Haunted House
This house opened in 2013 and has over 4,700 square feet of terror. It has different themes every month for a year-long fright. Their self-proclaimed goal is to produce the highest quality haunting experience. The house contains actors, animatronics and sensory monitors to enable uneven floors. General admission: $28.

The Crypt
After no longer wanting to go trick-or-treating, the creator of this house decided to create her own haunted house. However, it wasn’t until 2013 that “The Crypt” began to show signs of a promising business. In 2015 they introduced a new location with an expansion. The expansion includes a maze at the back of the house incorporating an asylum, circus and swamp. General admission: $20.

Cutting Edge Haunted House
As stated by Guinness World Records 2015, this house is one of the largest haunted houses. It contains multiple floors, filled with live actors, special effects, moving floors and damp and foggy areas. This house is physically demanding. It is advised that you not enter if you suffer from asthma, seizures, heart conditions or any mental, physical or respiratory problems. The house takes approximately an hour to complete, not including the standing line. General admission: $29.99.