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Second Annual Springfest Held to Help SROs

Second Annual Springfest Held to Help SROs

Lillian Tram, Assistant Photo Editor

April 20, 2017

   Student Council will be hosting their second annual Springfest on April 21 from 4-7 pm on the football field. The purpose of this event is to bring people from around the city together to enjoy time with their family and friends. Student Council’s goal is to create an atmosphere with a sense of c...

Raiders Weigh in on Police Brutality

Officers Chris Mittendorf and Steve Schnoeblen speak to students during lunch. Both officers are new to North and have been making an effort to get to know their new Raider family.

Jeanie Torvi, Reporter

November 3, 2016

Police brutality has been more prevalent in the news and on social media. Predominately, it is a white cop shooting an unarmed black male; then thousands of people scream racism and discrimination. This is something labeling the decade in American history. With the recent outrage and passionate riots...