Raider Echo

A Year In Review: Finding My Calling

Gelila Negesse, Reporter

May 20, 2019

As I mull over my last days as a sophomore, so much seems to have passed me by in the last year, and so much seems to be nearing. My year, although consumed with copious amounts of work, has given me an abundance of new memories, many of which I gained from joining newspaper staff. Often times ...

The Endgame, But Not Really

The Endgame, But Not Really

Paola Hernandez Olvera, Reporter

May 16, 2019

At the beginning of the year, I walked into the JLab feeling more ready than ever to start my second year on the newspaper staff. Sophomore year hadn’t been a piece of cake, but it also wasn’t the worst thing ever, which is part of what I loved- the challenge. I was confident that the experience f...