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Alice in Wonderland Review

Alice in Wonderland Review

Miranda Molina, Reporter

February 28, 2017

Filed under Opinion, Raider Reviews

Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll’s famous book about a young girl’s misadventures in a fantasy world, has been adapted as several different movies and plays. Arguably, the most well-known, is the animated Disney feature from 1951. Now, Raider Theater has taken their own swing at the play. The...

Acting dreams turn into long life-journey

Acting dreams turn into long life-journey

SaSchel Moore, Reporter

November 4, 2015

Filed under Features

Ever since she was a child, Dr. Cara Cerrone had a dream. Coming from an abusive home where talking could get her into trouble to becoming a chiropractor and getting her doctorate degree is a journey that Cerrone endured with an open mind and a flare of determination. However the harsher vices of life...

Continuing after the concussion

Continuing after the concussion

Beth Mauthe, Copy Editor

October 30, 2015

Filed under Features, Showcase

His words echoed through the auditorium and suddenly everything seemed to go in slow motion. His foot fumbled and he felt himself lose all balance and begin to fall backwards as his vision blurred out the surrounding scenery. There was a loud crash, and all at once, everything went black. Senior Jacob Ho...