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Student Copes with Loss During Holiday Season

Student Copes with Loss During Holiday Season

Hannah Majerczyk and Eden Amberber

January 3, 2017

Life seemed to be blissful for a teenage girl. But her life changed in the blink of an eye. At the age of 15, sophomore Sydney Taylor lost an important family member, her father. One dark night, a car drove on the road with a motorcycle following behind it. A father of two was on the motorcycle, on...

Sweet as Honey

At UTD’s doctoral graduation in December, Dr. Marilyn Bland poses with her daughter, Juliet Bond, and her guide dog, Honey. photo courtesy of Ruth Martin

Marilyn Bland, Special Contributor

March 4, 2016

Writing about Honey is certainly one of the most difficult things I have done, yet doing so is a way in which I can honor her. The very first moment I touched Honey, I knew something special had happened. Some dogs take a little while to warm to an unfamiliar person, and others stay aloof for a...