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Activism Throughout Time

Activism Throughout Time

Diana Leyva, reporter May 27, 2021

Every year more and more people participate in protests against injustice. As people grow  more aware of the issues present in modern society, so does the internet. The term performative activism was...

Communism in America

Communism in America

Devorah Segura, Reporter November 6, 2020

In the United States, Communism has had a negative reputation, largely rejected among political spaces. However, many fail to realize that ideals and functions of both Communism and Socialism are used...

The History of AVID at North

Paola Hernandez Olvera, Reporter May 21, 2018

San Diego, California, 1980. English teacher Mary Catherine Swanson is in her classroom teaching the room full of highly advanced students at Clairemont High School when she hears the news. Because...

Xzerrious Henderson

Xzerrious Henderson

Eden Amberber and SaSchel Moore September 1, 2015

"If trees could talk they'd be the best history teachers, [because] they're old [and] they've seen lots of things." senior Xzerrious Henderson

Colorblinded by love

Beth Mauthe, Reporter February 26, 2015

Heads turned and stared as a new couple stepped through the door of the old grocery store. A feeling of discomfort edged its way into the couple as stares of disapproval and surprise followed their...

Additional Info on DeMolay

Joshua Thomas October 18, 2013

DeMolay International was founded in 1919 by Frank S. Land to give a young, fatherless, friend an opportunity to socialize, have male role models in his life, and to create bonds between young men who...

Teacher publishes book

Myles Bolden May 4, 2013

From history teacher to published author, Jason Gray now has a book for all students and teachers everywhere to read. His AP U.S. History review book was released to be purchased on March 8. “The...

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