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Making Vegetarian Puerto Rican Food: Pinon

Making Vegetarian Puerto Rican Food: Pinon

Gabriella Rodriguez-Sanchez, Reporter

June 8, 2018

Ingredients: 1 package of MorningStar Grillers Crumbles 1 packet of Goya Sazon 1 tablespoon Goya Recaito 1 small can of tomato sauce 1 tablespoon of Adobo One-half cup of Ragu Traditional sauce 2 pounds of five cheese blend 5 plantains One-third cup of vegetable oil Instr...

The Perils of Racial Injustice: Students Share Experiences

Michael Chambers, Reporter

May 23, 2018

In an era where minorities are wrongfully accused of crimes based on the color of their skin, younger generations are ready to see a change. According to the Vanity Fair, the probability of being black, unarmed, and shot by police is more than three times as likely as being white, unarmed and shot by...

Posadas: religious or social?

Posadas: religious or social?

Karla Romero, Reporter

December 21, 2015

Many families have holiday traditions. Some are religious, some are ethnic and some are just silly. In my family, we combine the religious and ethnic aspect by hosting Posadas — a nine-day Catholic celebration in which we go to a designated house each night beginning on Dec. 16. My mom started to...