Raider Echo

A Year In Review: Finding My Calling

Gelila Negesse, Reporter

May 20, 2019

As I mull over my last days as a sophomore, so much seems to have passed me by in the last year, and so much seems to be nearing. My year, although consumed with copious amounts of work, has given me an abundance of new memories, many of which I gained from joining newspaper staff. Often times ...

Angie’s Adventure

Karla Romero, Reporter

March 16, 2016

Over spring break, freshman Angie Mauthe will be going on a Pioneer Trek with other youth members of her church, in order to build and strengthen her testimony. This Trek only happens once every four years, and Mauthe will be experiencing it for the first time. “We’re going to be reenacting kind of how the...

Teacher retells a student incident

Leslie Mageto, Reporter

June 2, 2015

Speech teacher Michelle Stokes has been teaching at the school for over 10 years. From all of her experiences of teaching, Stokes recalls a specific incident involving one of her own students and another student one day after lunch. “He was coming back from lunch and there was somebody following...