Family Holiday Dinner 2019

Gelila Negesse, Co-Editor-in-Chief

As the cold air swept in late this week, North Garland High School opened its doors to the community and hosted the first-ever Holiday dinner. The dinner was in the cafeteria with free food served and gifts provided for children. Students and faculty, along with their families, swarmed in soaking up the festivities with theater students dressed as Christmas characters and orchestra and band students playing live music, filling the atmosphere with holiday spirit.

Principal Michael Arreola saw the chance to make the Holiday season an enjoyable one for many families but specifically for those who are less fortunate during a joyous, but frequently, stressful time.

“This is an event that means a lot to me,” Arreola said. “I grew up without a lot of money and so we didn’t get a lot of gifts for Christmas and so I think this gives everyone the opportunity for a special holiday and a nice dinner, just to come together and celebrate a special event.”

The night came to an end as donated gifts were handed out to giddy children and people made their last trips to the dessert table.







Here’s what raiders had to say about the festive community dinner:

Nicole Padilla, Senior
“It means a lot because not only am I here as a volunteer but I’m helping those who need our help. Also, I’m very thankful for all the people who participated like the coaches, principals and everyone who united to do this event. It’s very beautiful.”
Trent Dagen (Santa), Administrator
“We just want to create an atmosphere of a community feeling and allowing people to come up here and know that we’re all here for them. I mean this is just a new opportunity that Mr.Arreola and the administration thought was important and just open up our doors and let everybody come up and have a good time.”
Tesna Thomas (middle left), Junior
“I think that it’s a pretty new event that is showing we have some change in our school which is really cool. It’s a good idea because it can continue on through the years. I just love it and hope we do continue to do this.”
Jordin Lockhart, Junior
“I feel like the school is trying to get more involved with the community and I really appreciate that. It’s just bringing us together like a North Garland family. I’m just so blessed to go to this school and I’m so happy to choose North Garland High School. It’s a Raider revolution.”
Simeon Kalvin (left), Sophomore
“I think this dinner is really cool. I feel like it’s gonna be really cool for the kids to have this kind of experience.”