Powderpuff 2019

Gelila Negesse, Co-Editor-in-Chief

With students blowing into their hands to keep warm in the brisk air, the annual Powder Puff game took place right before the long-awaited Thanksgiving break. This student-led event, from coaching, playing and cheering, was met with mighty school pride. The football game consists of girls who volunteered to play as football players and boys who volunteered to act as cheerleaders.

Senior Thein Dinh, who was a cheerleader for the game, sees this last game as a final way to celebrate his class.

“This is the last run,” Dinh said. “Every senior wants to beat the juniors.  We’re just trying to prove that we’re the better class.”

For junior Michaela Donovan who came to watch, this game is just another way of expressing school pride.

“Powder Puff means to me just to have fun with everyone,” Donovan said. ” You get to see the energy that we have with being [one] school.”

In the end, expectedly, seniors won with 35 points with juniors ending with 28.

Here’s what your players and cheerleaders had to say:

Gelila Negesse
Christina Mathew, Junior (middle)
“Because this is our first year and the seniors’ second year I feel like we are a little unprepared,” Mathew said. “The motto is to have fun [more] than winning cause it’s a good time for all the students to get together.”
Gelila Negesse
Nya Foster, Senior
“[Powder Puff] is just a fun vibe,” Foster said. “This is our last year and we’re just here to have fun.”
Gelila Negesse
Kenny Nguyen, junior
“With Powder Puff we built a family doing this, a cheerleading family,” Nguyen said. “This just gives us another chance to show school spirit.”