Photos Show Justin Trudeau in Brown and Black face

Devorah Segura, Reporter

A picture of Canada’s prime minister, Justin Trudeau, has recently surfaced of him at a 2001 ‘Arabian Nights’ party. Trudeau appears to be wearing a turban and robes with his face, neck, and hands completely darkened to imitate a person of a darker complexion. The picture now being revealed in the media has now brought on immense criticism from people around the world due to the racial insensitivity of his actions.

“I shouldn’t have done that. I should have known better and I didn’t. I’m really sorry.” Trudeau stated, and when questioned on whether his actions were racist he responded,  “Yes it was. I didn’t consider it racist at the time, but now we know better.”

Later on, Trudeau also admitted that he had done blackface to sing a Jamaican folk song at a high school talent show. With this being a critical moment in his career with the beginning of his campaign which started on September 11, many question how this recent revelation may impact his running for reelection as prime minister. TIME also stated that they attempted to get into contact with the women pictured alongside Trudeau, whilst many were reluctant, some also decided to have no comment with loyalty towards Trudeau. Trudeau has said he is planning on addressing the photograph later this evening.