Tegan and Sara concert review



Tegan and Sara, a twin duo Indie band, performed live at the AT&T Performing Art Center in downtown Dallas on Oct. 11. They performed their new songs on the upcoming album, Heartthrob, which comes out in January 2013. The new songs were Not Your Hero, I Was A Fool, Messed Up and their new single Closer. 

Opening for Tegan and Sara was an obscure band called Speak from Austin, Texas. The fans in-patiently waited for T&S as the stage was being set up and the microphones tested. The moment the lights went out the crowd erupted in cheers. The heat from their bodies was felt, full of excitement and anticipation. Throughout the course of the concert, people swayed and clapped to the rhythm and sang along to the harmonious sounds of the duo. Many of their dedicated fans already knew the lyrics to T&S’s new songs and followed along easily. Their songs are based on teenage love, relationships and heartbreaks.

Tegan Quin, the most outgoing and talkative of the twins, informed the fans about their new songs and what they represented to her and her sister. Also Sara Quin, the feminine twin, talked about a few adventures they faced in India while recording their movie, Get Along. They were very interactive between songs and even gave a shout out to the people in the far back. In the crowd when someone started clapping or cheering for the band the rest of the crowd followed along bringing the energy to a higher level. It became a need to gravitate toward the front of the stage as a new song started. What I like about the band is that they sounded just like they do on their records. No major voice enhancements are needed.

If you are looking for a new band to listen to, try Tegan and Sara.