How Safe is Technology?

Jeffrey Candelaria, Reporter

Technology plays a huge role in the world we live in today. It is widely used by millions of people on a daily basis, and most don’t know what they would do without it in their day-to-day lives. With all the new high-tech devices and smartphones released in the world today, it’s only natural that people come up with impressive features and shortcuts, such as saving passwords for websites and using the new Apple Pay function on their handy-dandy iPhone, to help make daily life much easier. However, no one seems to ask just how safe it is to use these features.
Hacking is one of the main problems faced when dealing with technology safety. They are constantly developing ways to get into computers and smartphones to steal personal information without you even noticing. No matter what kind of technology you’re using, protecting the safety of your information should always be the goal.
Now I admit, it is very convenient to have such features at our disposal, but does a little convenience make up for the safety hazards that come with it? Many devices save credit and debit card information on online shopping websites, but websites risk hackers taking that information for their personal use. While Paypal, which acts as a barricade between the hacker and your card information, is a safer option, it is better to stray away from this method as much as possible.
Living in today’s day and age, it seems like Wi-Fi is becoming less of a want and more of a need. More often than not, the first thing you do when out in public is look for free Wi-Fi and hotspots to avoid using cellular data. Free Wi-Fi is extremely convenient and very helpful, especially for those who don’t have access to it at home, but it is also an easy way for hackers to get into phones and steal any information that resides in them. Starbucks is known for having free Wi-Fi and is a popular spot for students, businessmen, women and everyone in between to use their complimentary Wi-Fi. Because of its popularity, it is a prime location for hackers to sit and wait for the right target, which might be you.
While the world of technology continues to grow and expand to new areas, with more features being released, there has yet to be anything developed that ensures safety when using such features. Technology may not be entirely safe to use, but it is still a great way to stay connected to the world and the people around you. Just make sure to protect your personal information and keep your passwords in a safe spot.