Gone with “The Great Gatsby”


Drumroll! The prom theme this year will be… “The Great Gatsby.” Great.

The Class of 2016 Prom Committee made this choice in December, after ‘considering’ a preliminary Twitter poll of other options such as Secret Garden (12 percent), Broadway (16 percent) and “Skyfall”/James Bond (29 percent). As of right now, the poll has 217 votes, 43 percent of which are for “The Great Gatsby.” (This poll included approximately 40 percent of the graduating class, assuming that only seniors voted and there are no multiple votes.)

Prom organizers should have incorporated the opinions of our class in a more encompassing way than an obscure, one-second poll. Even though the majority of the votes are for “The Great Gatsby,” we have never actually met anyone who approves of the theme.

There are two issues here: Students aren’t being involved and proactive, while prom committee members aren’t doing enough to represent the whole class.

In the future, students should act on their opinions in the moment and actively attend meetings, rather than merely complaining after they have done nothing to get what they want. Voices cannot be silenced if they have never been spoken.

And from now on, prom committees should consider letting students enter submissions, narrowing them down to about five choices and then letting seniors vote during lunch. That way, the opinions of the students who care can be acknowledged through a more accessible method for people who don’t have Twitter.