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Seniors Address Prom Prices

Seniors Address Prom Prices

Gabriella Rodriguez-Sanchez, Reporter

March 26, 2019

Due to speculation by seniors about the prices for prom tickets this year being high, seniors are selling cookie dough and jumping through some last-minute hoops to lower the price which is estimated to be between $90-$105 per person. According to an article by Promsie regarding tips and advice f...

Jaulin Rahman

Jaulin Rahman

Riley Sims and Elena Gary

May 17, 2017

"[I am going to prom with] Omar Marhloul and a bunch of friends. It should be a fun experience [ going to prom as a junior]. Most of my friends are seniors so I guess it's fine," Jaulin Rahman, 11.

Student gets one-of-a-kind dress for prom night

Student gets one-of-a-kind dress for prom night

Eden Amberber, Reporter

May 11, 2016

As most students buy their prom dresse s from a boutique, she is sorting through piles of fabric. She searches through hundreds of colors and textures. She finds the perfect color, magenta. Perfect for her special night. Senior Susan Olayinka is currently getting a prom dress custom-made for herself. ...

Gone with “The Great Gatsby”


March 4, 2016

Drumroll! The prom theme this year will be... “The Great Gatsby.” Great. The Class of 2016 Prom Committee made this choice in December, after ‘considering’ a preliminary Twitter poll of other options such as Secret Garden (12 percent), Broadway (16 percent) and "Skyfall”/James Bond (29 percent)....