Developments causing deforestation

Diana Leyva, Reporter

There have recently been new developments and remodeling in Garland and Rowlett causing trees to be cut down. The GISD natatorium, Crystal Lagoon, and The Draper are the big projects that Garland has been working on.

According to Texas Almanac, forest land covers roughly 38 percent of the state’s land area.

Compared to 2015, 2020’s rate of deforestation has slowed. However there are still areas where trees are being cut down.

“By depleting natural resources, we are endangering all forms of life,” Environmental Club Sponsor Marylin Bland said.

Lots of water pipes and streets are also being remodeled. Water pipes are inspected, then rebuilt. Because these run underground, sometimes, trees are uprooted when there is new construction and they fall. Most of these areas, however, are places where streets and pipes have been for lots of years.

“I understand that sometimes tree cutting becomes necessary, but then it should be done as intensively as possible,” Bland said.

There are also residential areas and homes being reconstructed. Riverset and Lyon Crest Estates both have lots where new households will be built and some areas will have commercial areas as well. 

Parks of Rosehill, will be used as a hospitality and office space as well as a residential development with 127 lots. It currently occupies four acres of land.

 The Draper will be a five story tall residential complex made for residents who are looking for a more urban lifestyle. It will be located in downtown Garland, near restaurants, and close to the DART station.

Even though there are lots of parks in Garland, there is only one forest preserve and there don’t appear to be plans in place to add any more forest preserves anytime soon. Instead, they have opted to build a transit near Firewheel.

Lavon Drive TIA will serve as a space for retail, neighborhood and office space. It is also being considered as a future light rail station. It will be a mixed use area and is expected to grow in seven years.

Rowlett’s new plan for 2020 was to  build more parks and add lots of new residential areas, which involves cutting down trees from previously vacant land.

“Trees seem to be endangered no matter where they are,” Bland said.

Rowlett has also begun construction for a new water park, Crystal Lagoon, which will have resorts, shops, hotels and include commercial lease space. Crystal Lagoon will be located near Lake Ray Hubbard and is a man made lagoon. Sapphire Bay will also have a marina and beach club on the island.

There is still hope however. In early September, Garland decided to give away trees to plant around the community.

 “A world devoid of trees is a bare and lonely world,” Bland said.