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Hurricane Lane Striking Hawaii

Litzy Casas, Reporter

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Disasters have hit places around the world in recent months, from wildfires in California to a 7.2 earthquake in Mexico. The most recent disaster is striking the Hawaiian islands.


Hurricane Lane flooded the streets of Hawaii on Aug. 20. What began as a Category 3 storm, has shrunk into a tropical storm. By the morning of Aug. 24, the island had seen 31 inches of rain, and had experienced winds at 120 mph. As a result, landslides have affected families across the islands.


“I feel horrible about those affected by the hurricane,” junior Natalie Vasquez said. “Knowing I am not able to do something about it makes me sad. It’s dangerous to be out, because anyone can get hurt.


Many homes have been destroyed and the food supply is low. Hawaii residents have been told to prepare enough food and water for the next two weeks.


Although disaster is everywhere the fun does not stop. Surfers are taking advantage of the waves, since the islands have been encountering heavy and strong rain. Competitions have been held and all competitors are volunteering to participate in this event.


“I would never imagine people surfing in times like this,” sophomore Imelda Carillo said. “The damage is a lot and knowing they are not doing anything about it makes no sense. I feel bad, because some probably lost everything they had.”


Hurricane Lane dropped 52 inches on Hawaii and destroyed landslides. Citizens are scared knowing that once the flooding disappears the April waters will start pouring rain once again. Families have left their flooded houses and others have left behind destroyed homes.

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