What Are Trust Cards?

Jaqui Benitez, reporter

North Garland is introducing trust cards to its students this year. This idea was borrowed from Sachse High School after having positive results. 


“[Trust cards] are privileges. So for example if [a student] behavior begins to falter that trust card is taken away from [them] and kept away from [them] for a designated period of time until [they’ve] earned it back” Patricia Zapata, an assistant principal, said. 


Some privileges that will be given are the use of ripped jeans, hoodies/ hats/ do rags, and phones in common areas. To use ripped jeans the rips must be smaller than the width of an ID card and below the students fingertips. As for the hoodies/ hats/ do rags, the only requirement they have is that students cannot use earbuds at the same time. Another privilege is that the trust card can be used as a substitute for tutorial passes. 


“My thought on the privileges for the trust cards, I really like the idea of it [,] we won’t get in trouble when using our phone, airpods, etc.” Gerson Garcia, a sophomore, said.


The privileges are only there if students have good behavior. Trust cards can be taken just as they were given. Students can lose their trust cards by excessive tardies, IBS/OSS, multiple dress code violations, skipping, and cellphones being brought into the office by a teacher. But students can redeem themselves in the next cycle when they are given back to them. 


“I believe it could be successful but [it] would need the full buy- in from the students. A lot of students already try to find ways to get around the rules and this is an example of another system that some, not all, will try to manipulate to their advantage,”Mr. Cavitt, a history teacher, said,  “In order for anything to work or be successful [it] need[s] cooperation from all individuals involved.”


The trust cards are going to be passed out to students on Dec 2 and 3 during their lunch period.