YouTubers: Nathalie Urbina

Amy Pham

Laying out her newly bought clothes and cosmetic items, sophomore Nathalie Urbina prepares for her latest video. On YouTube, users upload videos to express themselves, talk about popular subjects, perform music or to gain fame. YouTube has a wide variety of videos, ranging from music covers, vlogs, skits, and other types.

Urbina mainly makes how-to’s, DIY’s, and advice videos. She also branches out into beauty-related subjects with clothes, hair and makeup.

“To make a video, it takes maybe 10 minutes,” Urbina said.

While some YouTubers do a lot of planning, Urbina does her videos without a script or a lot of planning.

“This guy that I know that does YouTube videos plans them out and does all that jazz, but I just turn the camera on and start talking and it all goes from there,” Urbina said.

While some YouTubers act differently on camera and have an online ‘persona,’ Urbina says she stays the same.

“When I’m on camera, it’s my same personality, but it’s just a bigger character of my personality,” Urbina said.

Urbina also looks up to other famous YouTubers for inspiration. She particularly likes Ryan Higa, Shane Dawson, Tyler Oakley and Jenna Marbles.

“Jenna Marbles is like the biggest thing on YouTube,” Urbina said. “She’s hilarious.”

Urbina enjoys the support of the YouTube community while making videos.

“What I really like about YouTube is that it’s like a family,” Urbina said. “All the people are super nice, and you meet a lot of people and become friends with a lot of people.”

While YouTube pays well, depending on endorsements or sponsors, Urbina does not do it for the money.

“I like to make people happy,” Urbina said. “That’s all I really want from it.”


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