The Journey of Traveling

Litzy Casas, Reporter

From New Year’s Eve to Christmas, many travel around this time to visit loved ones and get away from responsibilities. According to the Transportation Security Administration, more than 25 million passengers are expected to travel during the holidays and according to the New York Times, 6.4 million people are expected to travel by air during Christmas and New Years.

The holidays are an opportunity to travel, but it takes a lot of time and research to find the perfect vacation spot. For junior Luz Orantes, to plan a trip, you always want to be prepared and ready.

“I give it two to three weeks to see if you actually want to go, check the weather, the flights and how expensive it is,” Orantes said.

Orantes also believes you have to know what you like to find the perfect destination to go on a vacation.

“I think you have to go with what you like,” Orantes said. “If you like the warmth go to a beach, and if you like skiing go to a place where it’s cold. It really just depends on what you like the most.”

While traveling, many people have specific items to take on a trip, while others will just carry the essentials, such as a travel guide and cash. Packing light can help by making the travel easier with fewer things to carry around.

“You need to prepare clothes, a map, a camera and sunscreen because you never know how it’s going to be, although you can always look it up.” Orantes said, “If you want to visit certain places, then a map is what could help you find a restaurant or an attraction.” Orantes said. “Always take more than you need just in case. It’s better to have it and not end up using than to not having it and needing it.”

Traveling, in general, can bring a lot of joy to someone, but when it includes family, sophomore Imelda Carillo finds more comfort.

“When I go to Mexico with my family is just a better experience than going only my brother,” Carillo said. “We spend time together without worrying about work or school the next day. We get to spend more time together and we just get closer.”