Cynde Quinn


Lillan Tram, Project Manager

“The most rewarding thing about being a counselor is working with students who have something that you can help them with. I had a student as a freshman who came in and is dyslexic but who had never been through dyslexic training on how to deal with his dyslexia. I worked with the district on helping him get a dyslexia teacher who came over and worked with him. He did the program for dyslexia as a freshman every day after school for 50 minutes. It helped him immensely. He will always have dyslexia but now he has some strategies to help him know how to read better. He’s passed all his EOC’s and his classes. He’s gonna graduate. I’ve loved education ever since I [started]. This is my 24th year and I wouldn’t have done anything else differently in my life.”