Raider Echo

Basketball Player Accepts Offer to Play on Collegiate Level

Braedon Harris, Reporter

August 30, 2017

Walking off the unfamiliar campus, senior Alexis Chapman never thought she'd find herself here.   Chapman, a varsity basketball player, will be going to the University of Northern Colorado to compete in women's Division 1 basketball.  After visiting the campus, she received an athletic sc...

Varsity Soccer Playoffs

Karla Romero, Reporter

April 10, 2015

The boys Varsity soccer team made it to the second round of playoffs before losing to JJ Pearce on Thursday, April 2.

Raider Soccer vs. Rowlett

Ruth Varghese, Photographer

March 25, 2015

Oscar Hernandez Alex Villalon Villalon Zeke Lopez Lopez Salvador Vicente Michael Garcia Ricardo Orozco Darwin Amaya...