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Activism Throughout Time

Activism Throughout Time

Diana Leyva, reporter May 27, 2021

Every year more and more people participate in protests against injustice. As people grow  more aware of the issues present in modern society, so does the internet. The term performative activism was...

Voting isnt enough: organized activism

Voting isn’t enough: organized activism

Diana Leyva, Reporter November 12, 2020

The end of 2020 marks the end of the four years that Trump has been in office, making this election year more important than ever. But, voting is not the only thing to be done to reform the government. Organized...

The Illusion of Democracy

The Illusion of Democracy

Devorah Segura, Reporter November 2, 2020

For a country so heavily built on the fundamentals of “democracy” and which claims the nation is “for the people”, more often than not, the United States and its systems accomplish the complete...

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