Student athletes commit to universities on National Signing Day


Ryan Fort

Despite having a win-less season, two football players, senior Willie Hobdy and Tryston Mizerak, both signed to Division I schools on National Singing Day on Feb 5. Hobdy is going to be attending Texas Southern University, while Mizerak will attend Texas State University.

“I feel relieved; I worked hard to get to the point where I am.” Hobdy said. “It’s a great feeling to be able to continue my football career and to get my education for free. It’s a dream come true.” When asked about his work ethic, Hobdy said it was always about “getting to the next level. Every play, every workout, and every summer, it was about getting to the next level.”

Growing up, most athletes thought about playing college sports; it was one of the main goals. Once high school started, it was about getting scouts to come to the games, getting letters in the mail and getting offered scholarships. In order for that to happen you had to have worked hard, be determined and be dedicated. To enhance that even more they had to stand out.  And that is what Hobdy and Mizerak did.

“You have to work hard every day,’’ Mizerak said. “You can’t be lazy. You have to want it. You have to be hungry. No days off.  Even when things get hard you have to be able to ride it out and finish. It wasn’t easy, but the hard work was worth it.”