Homecoming Do’s and Don’ts


Karla Romero, Reporter


  • Go all out for dress up days.
  • Wear a mum/garter on spirit day.
  • Go all out on spirit day with clothes, face (and body) paint to show pride at the pep rally and game.
  • Go to the pep rally.
  • Go to the game.
  • Go to the dance.
  • Buy your tickets for the game and dance ahead of time – who doesn’t love to save some money?
  • Dance tickets will be available for purchase during lunch and game tickets can be bought here.
  • Dress appropriately for the dance; jeans aren’t going to cut it guys.


Do Not:


  • Cut the ribbons on underclassmen’s mums/garters. Administration has strongly advised against it and there will be consequences.
  • Buy a pep rally ticket to skip class. You will get caught.
  • Try to sneak into the pep rally. Again, you will be caught.
  • Arrive at Williams Stadium with prohibited items. Check the rules and regulations to see what you can and cannot bring inside.
  • Show up to the dance only to get dress-coded – check the rules in advance.
  • Forget to bring some cash in case you want something from concessions. There is a fee to withdraw at the ATM.
  • Be a party pooper.