ARTPOP review

Abraham Deleon

Review: Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP

After selling three successful albums, releasing 13 platinum singles over five years, and going on a three worldwide tours for each album, Lady Gaga returns with her next musical installment to the world. ARTPOP is Lady Gaga’s fourth album, and has taken fans and pop culture by storm. Starting with Aura, the album quickly adds a heavy bass line with a techno sound and feel. After blasting through three more songs, Gaga strays from her usual type of music with Jewels ‘N Drugs (featuring rappers T.I., Too $hort and Twista) and MANiCURE.

Following MANiCURE, Do Want U Want, which sold 150,000 and 160,000 digital downloads in the first week it was released, features R. Kelly and combines mesmerizing vocals with a mid-tempo beat and heavy bass. Next comes Swine, the track that had been buzzing around the internet way before the official song was even mentioned by Gaga. With an astounding intro and lyrics in-between, fans and listeners all over have favored and adored this song after the official version was released. Complete with a heavy bass line, upbeat sound, and EDM influences, Swine has taken over many fans as one of the top songs on the whole album.

For the next three songs, Gaga keeps the heavy bass going while using the beat to add a different feel to the album, all while singing about controversial topics that keep the album fresh. Slowing down for Dope, the twelfth track on ARTPOP, Gaga sings about her recent addiction and how she needs her lover more than her past addictions. With a slow piano throughout the song and a continued sound of bass near the end, the song quickly gained success as her fourth single from the album.

For the last two songs, Gaga presents Gypsy and Applause. Gypsy starts slow, but quickly speeds up to a heavy beat and has a beat that is leaving listeners wanting more. For the second half of the song, the chorus is repeated with a heavier beat and contains lyrical references to tracks from the “Born This Way” album. Ending ARTPOP with track 15, Applause has the beat and lyrics that had everyone talking about over the summer. Being number one on the charts of 12 countries, the song lives up to its name by reaching platinum in Canada and Australia and has been the main theme song of the year. ARTPOP has the sound and feel of a brand new era for Gaga, and fans all over have had each song stuck in their head for the past two weeks.

Listen to ARTPOP online or pick up the physical CD at your nearest music retailer for the full ARTPOP experience.