Missing Raider Rowdies


Miranda Molina, Reporter

With the start of football season, the student body realized that a major part of the game night spirit groups, the Raider Rowdies, were missing. The Raider Rowdies are no longer performing. In response, students have had a negative reaction to the situation and have started trying to get the beloved organization back.

“We need the [the Raider Rowdies]. We are no longer North Garland without them,” junior Nick Hart said.

“It is not [going to] be as exciting. They are a form of entertainment for the games and pep rallies. They took up 15 minutes of pep rallies,” senior Deja Sanchez said.

“It’s stupid that we are the only school that doesn’t have a spirit team. We look lame at games. The cheerleaders can’t possibly do everything that the Rowdies are suppose to do. It puts a lot of stress on them. The administration is always complaining about [how] we don’t have enough school spirit. How can we have school spirit without having a school spirit team?” junior Jackie Valenciana.

“I am heated, because [the Raider Rowdies] do bring us spirit. They [gave] us more hype at pep rallies. The [administration] shouldn’t run the flags. We have people who run the flags for us,” senior Jazmine Colbert-Jones said.

“I feel like the Raider Rowdies are the only school spirit organization that can represent the students and how hyped we can be. And people are saying we don’t have school spirit. Well how can we, if we don’t have Raider Rowdies? They are the hype. So, please bring them back the Raider Rowdies. Other organizations have things to do. Band has to play their instruments, drill team has to dance, cheerleaders have to cheer, but [Rowdies] are the only students who can be themselves as students,” junior Paola Mateo said.

“I feel [like the administration] wants to promote school spirit, but they are taking it away,” senior Steffanie Galvan said.

“It’s not the same fun; because when we get to a point when no one cheers, we have no school spirit. It’s just not there,” junior Kena Williams said.